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                  1970 Series 2, 2+2 E Type Jaguar Restoration Part 7


Work continues on rear sub frame reassembly which is now basically complete & ready to fit to the shell. Certain of the bolting has been left loose as once the frame is fitted chamber angles etc have to be set which no doubt will be a task in itself. Hopefully this will not be complicated by virtue of me fitting wider wheels (6 x 15)

As fill in jobs reassembly of the cooling fan motors & fan cowl has been completed. These were partly refurbed some years ago by way of strip down & left as work in progress. One motor needed a new set of brushes & holders. I have managed to source these via EBay from a guy who specialises in reconditioning wiper motors & fan motors amongst other things. Both motors needed a new set of mounting rubbers. The mounting brackets had been shot blasted & powder coated. One fan blade was yellow the other white so another white one has been sourced so we have a matching pair! Both motors have been bench tested & appear to run OK despite them not having run for some 30 years.


Again as work in progress reassembly of the wiper motor has been completed. This had previously been completely disassembled. The motor casing was dipped & plated together with the windscreen wiper mechanism.

Heater reassembly is also underway. The casing had been in fairly poor condition necessitating some repairs. The fan motor had also been completely dismantled & its casing dipped & plated. Unfortunately due to a mishap (I dropped the motor & broke the permanent magnets!) it is now defunked. To save the day I had an old motor from an MGB heater which with some slight modifications to its mountings has done the job as a replacement. The assembly is complete with a new heater matrix & fan. Again the motor & fan have been bench tested.

The brake master cylinder & reaction valve again were disassembled some years ago & left as work in progress although new service kits had been bought at the time. Closer inspection of the piston bore indicated it was actually beyond being serviceable. Rather than purchase a completely new master cylinder I went for a service exchange core unit i.e. one that had been sleeved, in this case brass, you can also get ones with stainless steel sleeves.

The brake servo again had been disassembled some years ago & left as work in progress with new service kits having been bought at the time. This time the bore was serviceable.

The clutch master cylinder has been reassembled with a new service kit. A new slave cylinder was bought since the old one was beyond redemption!

The pedal box has also been reassembled. The pedals themselves were shot blasted, plated & painted black & fitted with new return springs & foot rubbers.





Front seat base frames have been shot blasted, painted & repaired where necessary. New seat diaphragms fitted.

Various components making up the trimmed centre console have been stripped & painted prior to being retrimmed.

 As mentioned in Part 1 Mark my eldest son was involved in refurbing some of the smaller items but as it turned out had to leave them unfinished due to time & work commitments. In this case the carburettors. They were in a sorry state, seized & needing to be completely stripped, cleaned & polished. It was a time consuming job when there are 3. Some rather intuitive methods I understand were used to bring them back to life!  Service repair kits had to be obtained & even going to the extent of remaking some of the parts of the choke & throttle linkages. The difference in the before & after photos is quite striking.

The inlet manifold also received attention. It has been sprayed with a high temperature clear lacquer which unfortunately seems to have discoloured the alloy.

Attention has now turned to the dashboard. All the instruments have been taken apart to the extent that you can, cleaned up & tested. The speedo & rev counter were refurbished some time ago. I`ve gone to the extent of fitting LED bulbs rather than the old filament ones. I can remember on both my TR6 & MGB the old style bulbs always used to cause problems & didn`t really give a very good light. The only problem at the moment is getting a working clock!  The choke control warning light & heater warning light have been replaced since the old ones were broken. A complete new wiring harness will be installed .

The exterior of the clutch case & gearbox have been cleaned up. The gear lever & selector rods were somewhat stiff with lack of use! These have been dismantled & cleaned. Since there is a tendency for ball races to deteriorate over time with no use it has been decided to send the gearbox to a local specialist for a complete stripdown, inspection & renew parts where necessary.

It is hoped in the next couple of months all these parts together with the engine can be mated back up to the shell.


Mike Davison

October 2015