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                                    1970 series 2, 2+2 E Type Jaguar Restoration Part 10                                                                                             

This month has seen progress in so much as the shell is now back from the paint shop looking resplendent in its new colour, apparently much admired as a change from the traditional red. I was beginning to wonder whether this day would ever arrive! Final checks have been done to the engine prior to fitting it as some jobs are easier to do with the engine out of the car. The starter motor has been run just to make sure the engine turns over. Rather than assemble the whole of the space frame we left off the front cross member & bonnet support frame to allow the engine & gearbox to `slide` in, in more of a horizontal fashion reducing the risk of scratching the paintwork. With the engine weight still on the hoist the front cross member was then partly bolted up and the engine finally lowered onto the mounts.


Currently the brake vacuum cylinder has been trial assembled together with the brake servo, clutch & brake pedal box and Accelerator pedal box.

The rear suspension has been trial fitted with final camber angles to be set.


With the shell still on a scissors lift the front suspension has now been fitted together with new Gaz adjustable shock absorbers, the front anti roll bar, all new bushings and the steering rack. It has also enabled the torsion bar settings to be established. Camber & castor angles are still to do. This will then allow the old road wheels to be fitted so that we can move the shell around once the steering column has been fitted. ( It will be noticed from one of the photographs that the radiator stay brackets are missing, we forgot about them what a carry on to fit them as the respective frame bolts are too long fouling on the bonnet frame necessitating a part strip down & refit with the brackets, hopefully its the right bolt fitting as the brackets were missing from the original car !)

Work continues.


Mike Davison    May. 2016