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1970 Series 2, 2+2 E Type Jaguar Restoration  - Part 11

Radiator stay brackets are now fitted together with the new horns. A minor problem has surfaced in respect of the radiator. It has 2 extra small hose connections at the bottom. These will have to be satisfactorily closed off as they are redundant. Another example of the cars shady past!, its possibly ex an automatic.

The heater & vacuum pipes behind the bulkhead are fitted together with the new heater valve and radiator expansion tank. The oil filter bowl is now in place painted green to give it a period look.

The brake vacuum cylinder together with the brake servo, clutch & brake pedal box and accelerator pedal box are now fitted.

Brake fluid reservoir & clutch fluid reservoir also fitted together with the clutch pipes & majority of the brake pipes. Throttle linkage is now in place. In hindsight it may have been better fitting some of these & the bulk head pipes prior to installing the engine because of access constraints. Stainless steel braided flexi pipes are being used to connect to the front callipers.

Wiper motor, wheel boxes & linkages being trial assembled.

Steering column is now in place. I had made a metal bulkhead cover plate to replace the old plastic one. A new woodrim steering is in place, although not a genuine E type one.

The second brake fluid reservoir (LHS) needed a new mounting bracket making.

A new `period` washer bottle has been fitted but as with the brake fluid reservoir a new bracket on which to mount it had to fabricated it was a good job at least 2 club members had a 2+2 such that I could establish the nature & location of the bracket (most of the photographs you see of 2+2`s are US LHD cars which have the bottle mounted in a different position).    





The rear subframe has now been finally fitted, with all new mountings it was somewhat of a task to get all the respective bolt holes lined up. A section of fuel line to the luggage compartment bulkhead has been installed this has to be done prior to fitting the sub frame because of access constraints.   For the same reason the prop shaft has to go in first. A stainless steel braided flexi pipe will be used on the rear brake line connection to the sub frame. Rear anti roll bar and new mounts with the drop links are fitted together with the radius arms again with new bushes.


4 new MWS 15 x 6 wire spoked tubeless wheels have been purchased together with new 205/70 VR 15 tyres. These were trial fitted to the rear axle, only to find the tyres were rubbing against the bump stops. The bump stops have been turned inwards instead of outwards to help give more clearance with the tyre sidewall. Chamber angles were checked & needed some adjustment by way of additional shims between the diff & drive shaft flanges. This seems to have resolved the problem.

The rear bumper is now in the process of being fitted. Its funny how everything seemed to fit when the shell was under going restoration!

Next major job will be to install the vacuum pipes, radiator , wiring looms, fuel tank, underside heat shields & Falcon stainless steel exhaust.

The fuel line is in place although some rectification work by way of re- routing at the rear of the tunnel maybe needed.

Next month will see the bonnet going to the paint shop, initially for painting the wing flanges, edges and other areas that will be inaccessible once assembled. It will then be reassembled ready for finish painting.

An order has now been placed for a complete interior trim kit. Red has been chosen to compliment the grey, both being standard E type colours albeit from 61-64. The kit is on a 6/8 week delivery.

Unless anything happens to the contrary the car as `work in progress` will be on show in the JDC area 11`s  stand at Raby Castle on 14th August. (my thanks to Geoff for the invite)


Mike Davison

 July 2016