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                                    1970 series 2, 2+2 E Type Jaguar Restoration Part 13


All the water cooling hoses have now been fitted together with the vacuum hoses.

The control cables for both the heater valve & heater flap have been partially installed.

The choke cable is in the process of being installed.

The rear door locking mechanism has been installed along with its cable operating lever.

Fuel pump is now in situ together with associated fuel hoses. The fuel tank installation is still in progress somewhat of a fiddly job what with 3 tank vent hoses , water drain hose from fuel filler  & vent pipe connection from filler pipe, not to mention the hose connection from the filler to the fuel tank all in a confined space.


Wiring harnesses are still work in progress & despite having a wiring diagram is not quite so easy as it looks. You still have to check which wire goes where from a continuity standpoint. Some wiring modifications are having to done to cater for the ignition switch now being column mounted rather than dashboard, introduction of a ballast resistor on the ignition circuit to make it compatible with the later 1970 series 2 models, motorised radio ariel & other mods. The circuit resistor for the panel lights was found to have burnt out in its former life but it is believed with the introduction of LED panel bulbs the resistor won`t now be needed ( you can`t get replacements anyway !) The alternator harness is also being modified to cater for the 18ACR alternator. It has an inbuilt rectifier rather than a separate external one as with the original fitment. New battery leads are also being fitted.

Some of the exterior trim has also been started by way of door seals, rear quarter lights & seals, door handles, new gutter chrome trim & door/body chrome trims



The interior trim kit from BAS has now been received & is awaiting fitment. Fitting of the chrome door trims to the door panels is underway.

The paint shop have now started work on the bonnet and rear door.


Mike Davison    Nov. 2016