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                                    1970 series 2, 2+2 E Type Jaguar Restoration Part 14                             

The paint shop is continuing work on the bonnet and rear door.

Some aspects of the interior trim by way of the centre console, upper & lower cantrails, door cappings and boot boards are underway. I have taken the liberty of fitting both a USB & 12v socket on the glove box , the original would probably have had a 12v socket.





As you will have come to expect the saga of missing bits continues, in this instance it appears 2 sections of metal trim backing are missing & need to be fabricated, items that are no longer available! These essentially are an extension to the forward part of the wheel arches up to the `B` post and fill the gap between the edge of the rear seat & side of the body on a 2+2. BAS to their credit have been extremely helpful in offering guidance & advice as to what is required.

Two of the old boot boards (the third was missing anyway) have been ditched & replaced with 3 new ones. Unfortunately not all the original fittings ie locating pins, spring clips, pull ring  & 8 luggage rubber retainers  were present which again has meant sourcing new ones its the little bits that cause frustration ! In the `box` of bits that came with the car there was a length of formed metal strip that I had often wondered what it was for ! It turned out to be the support rail which is attached to the forward boot board just another piece of the jigsaw.

( in the photo of the spare wheel board there is still one more luggage rubber /retainer to fit not received at time of taking the photo)

Work continues .


Mike Davison   

January 2017