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                                    1970 series 2, 2+2 E Type Jaguar Restoration Part 15

The 3 new boot boards are now complete so work has started on retrimming the rear seats.

In the case of the upper squab base (rear seat back) this entailed a new leather back cover, 2 luggage boards & rubber retainers, 2 luggage side panels & trim to the top of the side panels. As part of the restoration a new RHS bracket & links assembly had to be fabricated using the LHS one as a pattern  as the RHS one was missing.The lower squab frame has been cleaned up. The old foam padding is being replaced & new leather covers fitted.

The seat frame has also been cleaned up. The moulded foam cushion, presumably the original, had deteriorated to the extent some areas were `dust`. These will be cut out & new foam introduced to try & maintain the original shape where possible. New leather covers will be fitted. The upper & lower squabs and seat are still work in progress as I`m trying to get rid of the remaining creases in the material, no doubt more padding is required.


New wing mirrors have now been fitted. I tried to gauge dimensions for positioning from photographs of other series 2 , 2+ 2 cars. The door top chromes have also been fitted. These were quite fiddly as there are 4 rivet clips as well as 2 screws holding each chrome. Accurate positioning of the holes for the rivets was a must ! ( new door skins unfortunately are minus the holes)


Bitumen based sound deadening has been stuck to the inside of the door skins. The fitting of the window frames, glass & winder mechanisms is currently work in progress. Once complete hopefully this will allow final adjustments to the rear quarter lights to line them up better on the `B` post.

 Work continues .


Mike Davison   

February. 2017