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                                    1970 series 2, 2+2 E Type Jaguar Restoration - Part 17   


Clipping of the fuel & brake lines has now been completed & handbrake adjusted. Greenstuff brake pads now fitted to the front discs. The brake lines have now got fluid them, as has the clutch but a minor hicup with the clutch master cylinder necessitated a new set of seals ! A further problem has arisen with one of the rear brake calliper bleed nipples. Since it is not sealing properly a decision has been taken to fit remote bleed nipples. In the longer term this will actually be a beneficial upgrade making it far easier to bleed the brakes.

 The main heat shield has been fitted which has allowed the exhaust ( Falcon ss ) to be fitted. As one has come to expect not everything is included in a `fitting kit`. There was no bracket & mount for the rear tailpipes, quite why I don`t know !  Apparently these are not seen as `service` parts but fortunately were still available as spares.



The trailing arm mounts to the body have been undone to allow some of the residual stone chip to be cleaned off the body mount so that the arms are a better fit & the respective locating bolts lock wired.

Heater & water valve control cables now fitted together with the choke control cable.

Another problem has arisen with respect to the speedo takeoff at the rear of the gearbox. It won`t tighten up properly! Consideration is being given to purchase a new one.

Front steering geometry now set.

A  60aH battery has been purchased as part of the final stages of electrical installation.

The bonnet is now seeing progress with respect to painting. The inside of the underpan, the wheel arch & headlight areas of the wings have been coated with Raptor before final painting. This is the same treatment that was given to the underside of the shell. Underpan, centre panel & wing mating flanges have been final painted. Assembly has now commenced to allow for final painting.


Work continues .


Mike Davison    June 2017