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1970 series 2, 2+2 E Type Jaguar Restoration Part


The rear door has now been received back from the painters & has been fitted together with its 3 badges.                                   




Because of the risk of cracking the new front screen installation will be carried out by a specialist screen installer together with the new rear heated screen. This has been partially completed. As has occurred on numerous occasions in the past all did not go as planned so much so that due to badly formed new rear screen chrome trims they could not be fitted at the same time. Whilst the new front screen bottom chrome did fit the top one has its problems in so much as the ends do not sit in the rubber correctly.  More problems to overcome !




Fitting the chrome trims to the headlight scoops is proving a bit more difficult!

Two pieces of fabricated  metal trim to fill in the area between the wheelarch & `B` post are now underway using some photos received from a trim supplier as a guide as to shape etc.

Head lining & interior trim still to finish.

Bonnet yet to be fitted

Work continues.

Mike Davison   

January 2018