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                                    1970 series 2, 2+2 E Type Jaguar Restoration Part 9                                                   

The original doors had needed not only re-skinning but replacement of the bottom section of the door shell. Not realising it at the time because of their condition we missed the minor detail of water drain holes! Reference to an American based web site gave us a clue & a way to solve the problem. It similarly gave us an indication as to how the door aperture sill weather strip was fitted. The car in its original state was minus these. Body shell painting has now started. How many different shades of Opalescent Gunmetal are there despite quoting the Jaguar colour code! The underside has now been colour coated with Raptor on top of stone chip. It was decided to do the inside with base colour Raptor but with a lacquered coat in the boot area.


The exterior has been prepped, base colour coated together with numerous coats of lacquer all matted down & polished.


As part of the engine reassembly a kit comprising new plug leads, plug caps etc had been included together with an electronic distributor (123). I have gone down the electronic route in an attempt to mitigate problems associated with contact points which I found to my cost when running my TR6 some years ago and the MGB in more recent years. You`ve guessed it the kit had spark plug caps that were a screw fitting for the HT leads but a supply of acorns for a dizzy , the 123 dizzy cap however was `push in` type not acorn, recourse to EBay for screw type HT plug lead screw fittings &  rubber boots!

Hopefully the problems with the alternator bracket would be satisfactorily resolved by purchasing one from another supplier. This turned out not to be as it too had the same faults. Recourse to the second hand market has now resulted in an old bracket which believe it or not had the same faults. No alternative this time but try to modify it.  The original alternator however was not serviceable in so much as it had a seized shaft & suspect stator windings. It is being replaced by a later model (18ACR) which although the same rated output has an inbuilt voltage regulator. Something for the future maybe is to get the original one refurbished & suitably upgraded.

The flywheel is now attached to the crank (2 bolts had gone walkabout necessitating the purchase of 2 more!) thus allowing the new AP clutch plate, cover and release bearing & refurbed gearbox to be mated up to the engine. Apart from the new layshaft, needle rollers & sleeved laygear all the gearbox oil seals were replaced. At last progress seems to be being made.

A new clutch slave cylinder & return spring have been fitted. The previous owner had drilled out one of the studs in the bell housing for the slave cylinder in order to fit a larger diameter stud or bolt presumably because he`d stripped the threads.  In order to maintain the correct fitment a helicoil has been fitted to allow the use of the correct UNC stud. 

New bushings have been fitted to the rear engine stabiliser & similarly to the rear gearbox mounting.

Work continues with the next major job fitting the running gear & engine together with prepping & painting the bonnet.


Mike Davison    May. 2016